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Restaurant Sunrooms

Maximize Revenue on Your Valuable Dining Space

Bring the outdoors into your restaurant all year long with a Sunrooms by Roll-A-Cover restaurant sunroom. Our patio enclosures are manufactured with the highest quality materials in the industry and built to enjoy for decades to come. Our insulated glass allows you to use your valuable dining space even during the winter months. 

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Benefits & Features

Restaurant Sunroom Benefits

Maximize revenue, no concern for inclement weather. 

Creates a unique dining experience. 

Diners want to sit outside!

Create a wow factor for your restaurant. 

Easy construction!

Restaurant Sunroom Features


Sunrooms by Roll-A-Cover uses a heavy duty aircraft aluminum rafter as the sunroom framing. The aluminum framing is powder-coated paint throughout the entire system which provides ease of cleaning and durability

Color Options: Clear Anodized, Bronze Anodized, White, & Sandtone

frame colors.jpg

Sunrooms by Roll-A-Cover uses a 10mm

semi-transparent polycarbonate material on the sunroom roofs, unless the sunroom is going under an existing roof. Glass is also available but depends on the size of the room. Polycarbonate tints are available for additional sun protection. Dual 10mm polycarbonate is available for additional insulation

Roof Styles:

  • Polycarbonate or glass depending on the depth of the room.

  • Single Slope (one roof section sloping in one direction).

  • Gable (two roof sections sloping in opposite directions).

  • Under Existing (sunroom fixed or rolling walls beneath your existing roof).

polycarbonate options.jpg

Sunrooms by Roll-A-Cover uses 1/4" tempered glass on the sunroom walls. Insulated glass is available for additional insulation if needed. The glass tints are clear, bronze, or grey. The walls can be fixed or rolling walls. 

glass glazing options.jpg
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