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Rolling Wall System

Sunrooms by Roll-A-Cover manufactures a one-of-a-kind product called the "Rolling Wall." This is a retractable glass wall that can be used in place of a fixed wall or in place of no wall at all. Open your indoor sunroom space to the outdoors with a rolling wall system. You will not lose valuable seating space since the rolling wall rolls on the same plane and does not fold. 

Rolling Wall Systems

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Integrate a Rolling Wall into Your Sunroom Design

If you're designing a Sunroom by Roll-A-Cover, a wall option is to use

our Rolling Wall systems instead of a fixed glass wall or instead of no wall at all. They're aesthetically pleasing and protect an indoor space from inclement weather while opening the indoor space to the outdoors on a pleasant day. 

Rolling Wall


Sunrooms by Roll-A-Cover uses a 1/4" tempered glass on the rolling wall systems. Insulated glass is available for additional insulation. 

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